".....are your beef grass fed". Some clarification on a question we get every week...



Simply stated, "yes".  But they are not "grass finished". They are finished on Non GMO grains. With very few exceptions, all beef cattle are on grass during the first year or two of life. But to ask "Is it grass fed?" is meaningless because nearly every beef producer can say "yes" honestly (even if they know what you're really asking). 


Mostly, the consumer wants to know if the animal only ate a grass diet for its entire life.  However, they are asking the wrong question.


So...to get the right answers , ask your producer, chef or butcher:


"Is this certified 100% grass fed, and may I see the label?"

"Is this certified hormone and antibiotic free, and may I see the label?"

"Is this certified Non GMO, and may I see the label?"

"Is this certified Organic, and may I see the label?"

There is no USDA label claim a producer can make that's called "grass fed" beef.  We can only make a label claim that says 100% grass fed, and only if that claim is verified by a third party like the American GrassFed Association.  We also can't claim things like GMO Free.  We can only claim that the beef are fed a diet consistent with the standards set forth by The Non GMO Project (or some other 3rd party).

If you really care, you have to pay attention to the label.  And if it's not on the label, don't believe it.