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Farm Fresh Goodness Delivered To Your Table

When our beef is served at your table it didn't travel far before you enjoyed it.  Each week we choose the finest animals from our finishing farm to bring to our meat cutter right here in Ohio. Steaks are aged for 4-6 weeks before being cut by hand and delivered fresh to your home, or your favorite restaurant, grocer or butcher. 


For families and individuals we flash freeze and vacuum pack your half or whole beef after aging and deliver your perfectly aged, frozen beef to your doorstep (Ohio only).  You can choose how you want your beef processed by filling out a cut specification which you can download here

No beef with a Symmes Creek Label will ever cross an auction floor...ever be injected with hormones or antibiotics or otherwise be "processed" beyond being cut with a knife or ground into burger.

The Finishing Touch...

Tom and Kim are hands-on every day finishing our cattle for the last 200 to 240 days.  Our natural feed and natural finishing process takes longer than conventional hormone-induce growth and fattening processes common today. During the finishing stage our cattle have free choice access to Non GMO corn, peas, lentils, hay and organic minerals.

Our finishing barns are light and airy with no solid walls. There is plenty of room for cattle to move about freely with plenty of fresh air passing through the open feeding areas.

Bedding for the cattle is natural sawdust, which we add regularly to absorb moisture and provide solid footing for the animals.  We routinely remove the bedding and spread it on pastures and hay ground as natural fertilizer which makes the grass really grow. Spreading natural fertilizer eliminates the need to buy and spread costly chemical fertilizers which can wash away into nearby streams and rivers.

Tom and Kim

How Much Beef...

A typical whole beef will yield 500-600 lbs of boneless cuts, including all steaks, roasts and ground beef.  You'll normally receive about 14-16 cases of beef.  The following is an example of the types and amounts of cuts a whole steer would yield.

  • 25-30 Rib Eye Steaks (25 lbs)

  • 25-30 NY Strips (25 lbs)

  • 16-20 Filet Mignon (9 lbs)

  • 25-30 Sirlion Steaks (35 lbs)

  • 5 chuck roasts (25 lbs)

  • 5 rump roasts (25 lbs)

  • 1 whole brisket (15 lbs)

  • 1 flank steak, 1 skirt steak (2 lbs each)

  • Ground Beef (250 lbs)

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