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About Symmes Creek

Rich History and Natural Springs

Dating from before the civil war, the old farmstead has rich history.  Our ranch is bordered by 76-mile long Symmes Creek, part of the Mississippi watershed that drains 360 square miles in Gallia and surrounding counties.  Just across Symmes Creek is the Ironton unit of Wayne National Forest and over 99,000 acres of hardwoods teaming with whitetail deer, turkeys, squirrels and bobcats.

No less than fifteen springs occur naturally on the property, providing clean clear drinking water for our cattle year round.  Even in the harshest of winters the water bubbles from the springs and flows over the ice and frozen ground, providing a year-round source of drinking water for our animals.

On a busy day, maybe three or four cars will pass by the old farmhouse on the gravel drive that is Symmes Creek Road.  On Sundays you may only see an Amish buggy out for a ride after church. 

Symmes Creek Ranch Hilltop View
Roper with the Calves

Our Cattle

Much of our beef that ends up on your table started from the momma cows at Symmes Creek.  These cows are all Angus, bred by Angus bulls.  We also buy young feeder calves from neighboring farms and pasture them on grass until they are ready to be finished on our Non GMO grains.  We must carefully select all the animals in our program to meet the rigorous standards we establish for avoidance of gmo's, antibiotics and growth hormones.  If the label says Symmes Creek you can be assured you're eating clean beef!

Come and Visit the Ranch

We have wonderful friends and neighbors who help us out from time to time.  Usually in the spring and fall we'll bring in the cattle and work the newborn calves.  Some horsemen will show off their ranch roping skills catching the calves with a lariat. The more gritty (and younger) cowboys wrestle the calf to the ground so we can apply an ear tag.  Others prefer to just watch while enjoying their favorite frosty beverage. 

Riders at Symmes Creek Ranch
The Cabin at Symmes Creek Ranch

The Cabin On The Hill

My friends and I built this cabin that sleeps 4 comfortably, has indoor plumbing, hot and cold running water and electric provided by solar panels.  It sits atop the highest point on the ranch and offers 360 degree views of Ohio and West Virginia. Beef customers are always welcome to come and visit the ranch and stay in our cabin or farmhouse to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city.

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