Frequently Asked Questions

...about purchasing a side of beef.


How much does it cost?

Beef is priced based on the hanging carcass weight and how the customer would like it processed.  Almost all sides of beef from Symmes Creek will cost between $1400 and $1600 including processing.  This works out to about $6 lb across all your steaks, roasts and ground beef.

How much beef will I get?

About 250-300 lbs, again, depending on how you would like it processed, how much bone is kept etc.


How is the beef packaged?

All cuts, including steaks, roasts, ground beef and patties will be vacuum packed in clear cryovac bags. You can choose how many of each cut you would like in a package, how much burger per package, how many patties per package etc.


How big a freezer do I need?

A side of beef, when unboxed and packed tightly will occupy 7-8 cubic feet of freezer space.


If I pick it up, how will I transport it?

The beef is frozen solid, sometimes up to minus 30 degrees in heavy cardboard boxes.  It will stay frozen sold in your car for a couple of hours with the AC running and temperature around 65-70 degrees.  So you can easily transport it home without worry of thawing.


What happens after I put down my deposit?

I will contact you and provide you with a standard cutting instruction document. This is a fillable form that you can modify as you like based on what cuts you prefer to have more or less of.  This will almost always involve a phone call or two between us unless you have done this before.