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".....we all agree that your beef is some of the best available in Ohio.  Thank you for giving us the chance to purchase some of this incredible product"  Jim E, Columbus

Cattle Grazing on a Hillside in SE Ohio

Angus Beef From My Family To Yours

Thank you for visiting Symmes Creek Ranch.  We're pleased to offer the meat lover an alternative to industrial beef.  We're a small family-owned farm in Gallia County Ohio and we produce a limited number of premium  cattle for select customers in Ohio. All of our aged, grass fed and grain finished beef is all natural, hormone and antibiotic free and USDA inspected.

My Name is Mike George and I work this farm with help from my family, friends and neighbors.   Thank you for taking the time to learn about our farm and our family.  We created this website in the hope that you might like what you see and come visit our ranch and try our wonderful all natural beef. 

"The burgers cooked over the fire tasted like an expensive steak! No seasoning needed. Best I've ever had."  Stephanie W. Cincinnati

Secluded Symmes Creek Ranch, bordered by Symmes Creek and Wayne National Forest is magical.  The pasture in this picture is a 30 acre bottom pasture, tranquil and rich with nutritious grasses.  Each year Symmes Creek leaves its banks and deposits rich minerals and silt on the bottom land which makes the ground super fertile.  So quiet, so pristine, it's hard to imagine a place like this exists in Ohio.

Grass is a magical gift from God.  Even in the most unlikely desolate and forsaken places, grasses struggle and somehow find a way to take root.  In the fertile hills and bottoms at Symmes Creek Ranch, grasses needn't work so hard. They grow unabated in the warm climate and bright sun,  The grass here provides forage for our cattle, horses, deer and wild turkeys nearly year-round.

More about the ranch....

Lush grazing pasture

Symmes Creek is wide and deep and holds a variety of fish like bass and bluegills.  We also have a healthy population of beavers that call the creek home and build their lodges from the plentiful small trees along the banks. Ducks and other wildlife abound in Whitaker Wetlands, a state wildlife refuge on the other side of the creek.  The Wetlands was named after the Whitaker family who sold me the ranch, and still live just down the road from my farmhouse.

"...after sampling and buying a pack of your ground beef I haven't been able to bring myself to buy any other kind"   Johnna S. Dayton

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